Ivan Kattan

Ivan Kattan
Development Solutions Inc.


Centor interviewed Ivan Kattan, a partner in Chicago construction company Development Solutions Inc, about using Centor folding and screening systems in his new home in Chicago's downtown.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.
Development Solutions Inc works in the commercial market. Being in the construction business gave me the opportunity to build my own home where I decided to use folding doors using the Centor E3 system, which I really love.

Do you think you have your dream home?
I am proud to say that I designed all aspects of the home, although I am not an architect. I most definitely achieved my goal of building a beautiful home.

Did the downtown Chicago character influence how you approached designing your home?
Most definitely. Chicago city lots are only 25' 0" wide. You need to be very creative in how to bring natural light to the inside of the house, which I believe I have accomplished.

Were there any challenges in trying to achieve your vision for your home?
Since I designed the house and supervised the contractors, I was able to achieve my vision of the house from the very start. Most of the difficulties came from dealing with the building department, which is not accustomed to seeing this type of design.

Folding doors allow for a broader outside-inside transition space than other door types. How important was this for achieving the look and feel of your design?
Extremely important. I love natural light inside homes. The Centor E3 folding doors being 9' 0" high by 15' 0" long allowed me to bring substantial sunlight into the family room, which is the room we spend most of our time.

You installed a Centor S1E Eco-Screen with your folding doors. Why did you choose this system?
I decided to purchase the screens because I want to be able to open the doors as much as possible, but I was aware that I needed to keep mosquitoes out and my cat in. The S1E screen allows me to do this.

What do you think about the folding door and screen's functionality?
I could not be any happier, the doors and screens are easy to operate and do not take much force to maneuver them.