Use Screens With...

Folding doors  

Centor designed its screens specifically to protect the large-scale openings created by its folding door systems. Pairing screens with a Centor folding system is therefore a perfect combination. 

Folding doors open up entire walls, bringing the outside in, creating vistas and allowing light and fresh air inside. Centor screens let you leave your folding doors open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing air-conditioner use. 

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Centor’s unique system allows you to combine a screen and blind in a single unit. This helps you control insects, privacy, temperature and sunlight in your home at all times.

The blind and screen were specifically designed for folding-door scale openings, and can be installed in openings up to 12' wide in a combined system. The vistas your folding doors create will remain unobstructed with the Centor screen and blind as they retract completely into the doorjamb when not in use.

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